Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Feasting Continues

Mother and I are still being swellegant swans however we have just had a quick change in location. We are now in London. My life is pretty hard right? We got here on the 24th and have been staying with our really good family friends.

We had such a lovely christmas we basically ate a lot and drank a lot and had equally awesome conversation!! Mother even managed to do a vodka shot!! I was mightily proud of her. I really like christmas in the northern hemisphere because it is winter you really feel like staying inside and having christmasy food and because it gets dark so early the christmas lights look amazing!

On Boxing day mother and I went shopping on oxford street!!! I have never seen anything so mad and insane in my life. People had been queuing outside Selfridges (a big english department store) since the wee hours in the morning. The perfumes were almost completely sold out by the time we got there at 10! Utter madness!!

That night we went to the best ballet I have ever seen it was an adaption done by Michael Bourne. It was one of the breathtakingly beautiful things I have ever seen!! The time I have spent in England and Europe in general I really have been having the time of my life!! 

I even got to go to Harry Potter Studio's! Even if you haven't even watched the Harry Potter movies (it should be an international crime if you haven't) you should still go to this if you are ever in London. It is such a fabulous and fantastical place!!! It really illustrates how much work goes in behind the scenes for movies!! It was one of the best days of my life!!! I cannot illustrate with words alone how much I love this place!! so instead i will just give you a row of exclamation marks. 


I have loved my time overseas with a passion. It has been amazing to get away and do such fabulous things as it has been a lot about getting my confidence back and putting being sick behind me and it worked. The reality of being sick feels more distant as I have done so much since I got better. 

I feel happy and I am ready to begin my LONG journey home.

Mama & I wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Swellegant Swans

I have made that word up but I have decided that it suits how I have spent the last couple of days beautifully! They have been filled with such cultural and very special events.

Since I last wrote this mother and I went to the best restaurant in Barcelona (it even had a michelin star!) and had the most fabulous meal. We have also been to Picasso's and Niro's art gallery's. I have even been to see a Flaminco at the opera house!

As you can see life has been very hard as we have been having such a fabulous time in Barcelona. I have really enjoyed being here, it has been really cool for Mum and I because this time last year I would have just got back from Auckland and I would be awaiting my histology results and in three days I would get the awful ones.

This time last year I could never have imagined that my life would have ever ended up like this. I have had the most fabulous time with Mum celebrating the life that I never imagined would be mine.

I shall leave you with some photos of the delicious food!