Sunday, 2 September 2012

A Fresh Start

My life hasn't really gone to plan. Not my plan anyway. I think that is the way that life is though. It changes and you just have to adjust one way or another you adapt, you find new way to survive. I have decided to leave as a blog about my struggle with cancer and for more medical updates rather than life ones.

I thought I should write a different blog one about new plans, new experiences and the new friends I am sure I am going to make on this crazy journey we call life. I decided to call it 'Plan B' because that is what my life has become.

Everything I do is not what I thought I would be doing with my life but that's what is exciting about life you never know what it will be like. At the moment I am in Hawkes Bay staying at my grandma Jo's house. If you ever came to visit me in hospital you are likely to have met her.

She is one of my constant supporters in this life but just as my family thought we might be allowed a good run she was struck down by a minor stroke. She is ok but a little annoyed as she can't drive. However it just goes to reiterate my point.

You can't predict the future so you really do have to live in the moment and do the utmost you can to enjoy life. I am so excited my trip is slowly coming together. To dream of something for so long and then for it to actually be happening is a bit crazy as I have spent so much time dreaming about it even more than salt and vinegar chips and that's saying something.

So now is just the beginning of my life on plan B.

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