Monday, 10 September 2012

Don't Have Expectations, It Hurts Less

What is with people who work in menial jobs but think they are better than you?? Like today after physio I like to lie in the bath and watch a DVD so after physio I trot down to the video store with the intent of getting out some DVD's.

As I get to the counter with the DVD's in hand the guy asks for my phone number and I give it to him. He then retorts that "you are not John Rowland". I almost feel like saying "well done sherlock" however I contain myself and respond "no, he's my dad". This guy then continues to be like "your name isn't on the account so I can't let you hire the DVD's."

I must interject at this point that I go to this DVD store about once a week and as I walked in the other woman on the counter said hello to me. I told him I had my drivers license on me which identified me as Harriet Rowland and even had my address on it. He basically said no.

This should have annoyed me as much as it did but recently I have just been feeling really let down by everyone around me. I think it's because I expect people to treat me in the same way I would treat them. It really hurts when you are let down but I am finding that I am continuously feeling let down.

I have sort of withdrawn from everyone over the weekend hoping that some time away would help but it hasn't really. So here is my SERIOUSLY first world problem rant. It's stupid and it doesn't really matter but it still hurts.

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