Friday, 26 October 2012

Weather's Here, Wish You Were Beautiful

I have been to London before but I was very young (four the first time and six the second) but I was so young that although I have faint memories I have more or less forgotten it.

But what I wonderful city! So vibrant and teaming with life. Something is happening every which way you look and people are EVERYWHERE! Such a contrast from Abu Dhabi!

When I got off the plane though I ran into some problems with British customs and for a few minutes there I wasn't sure I would make it! Apparently a young single female with no job traveling from the middle east is a bit suspicious especially when I wasn't sure of the address I was staying at!

Luckily I called the lovely family friend and she gave me her address and providing copious amounts of documentation I was allowed in.

I wasn't here for very long really. I come back two more times during this trip but I only really had one day here before I carry on to Croatia with the lovely Bex and Ellen and Danielle!

So I decided to be a real tourist and do a double deck tour which was amazing just to sort of cram a lot in for a short amount of time! I am going to explore more in detail when I come back!

The only drawback of the open top double deck buses is that it is late autumn and yesterday it was 2 degrees!! I needed a good warm meal after hat to heat me up! So off to Croatia next!

The weather's here and I wish you were beautiful!

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