Monday, 29 October 2012

The Lucky One

When I was young I used to see these really cool teenagers who used to be in these amazing places with their friends and I would wish that one day that would be me. Today that is me, my dream has come true!

I am in Dubrovnik in Croatia with Bex, Ellen and Dee. It's such a beautiful place with amazing people! If only the weather was better!

I have been here for two days now. On the night we got here we went out into town! It was so much fun! I haven't really been out to town since I was in Dunedin and when I was there I was only able to stay in town for less than half an hour. When I went out I almost felt like everyone else. I managed to stay out for HOURS!

I have lost a lot of my confidence so meeting people is really difficult for me but I am getting better at it. This trip is amazing because it is making me push out of my comfort zone. Whether it is almost loosing my lunch on the worlds fastest roller coaster, trying to navigate a country by myself where I don't speak the same language or simply getting the courage up to meet new people.

Yesterday we were all pretty tired and a little hungover so we had a lazy day. We went to a local pizza shop and to the supermarket for a bit of a stock up but that evening we all jumped into our complimentary bathrobes and had an amazing night in watching some x-factor, catching up and engaging in the bad habit that is gossiping.

Today we went and explored some of the old town and went and saw one of the old churches which was stunningly beautiful and I lit a candle for Veronica (the girl who I shared my room with in hospital but who passed away) reminding myself that I am one of the lucky ones.

And I am a lucky one, I am in a beautiful place with beautiful people and I wouldn't trade my life with anyone because I am lucky.

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