Friday, 2 November 2012

Pain Yet Again!

I can't believe this happened to me. I thought I had suffered enough. I feel like I deserve just a few months of healthy happiness.

I have been having the most wonderful time in Dubrovnik. We have been eating such yummy food and having a really good time. We went on the cable car to the top of the hill and had the most spectacular view, we have been having some delicious food and we even dressed up and went out dancing on Halloween!

Today was supposed to be another amazing day. Today we went to Bosnia and Herzegovina and stopped at two towns. It was such a fascinating place. This is a country which has been decimated by war just within the last twenty years.

There is evidence everywhere of the war. Whether its skeletons of houses which have now been reclaimed by nature and have trees growing where houses once stood. It's not like you have to go looking for it either, it's everywhere, even on their main streets.

It is strange because you have this war torn country but you also have this picture perfect old bridge and surrounding area. This is where I came into trouble though. It had rained last night quite hard (the weather has not been great) and it was patchy while we were there which left the cobbles slick with rain.

We were all having minor heart attacks here and there until it actually happened. As we were going downturn bridge. I must ave stepped onto an especially slick stone and my legs just went from under me.

As I fall though my leg twists and it has since swelled to about double the size. Poor Mum and Dad were freaking out on the other side of the world when they get a call at 1AM NZ time.

I was in good hands though. Ellen was in her element being the best mum ever and Bex and Danielle were amazing and kind. We ended up coming back to Dubrovnik at about six pm. Dad is organizing an X-ray when I get to London to see what I have done.

I hope that it is nothing serious, I feel like I deserve this amazing time after the awful year I have had. So cross your fingers and toes for me because I do not want this to be the end. I want it to be a hiccup in what is to be the trip of a lifetime.

I can deal with the pain, I have done that far too often for someone my age. I can deal with anything really but if gods out there I hope he will hear my prayers and pleas. I need him to.

Hope everyone had a fab halloween, we did!!

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