Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Dreaming And Deep Ends

We left Berlin at what I like to call sparrows fart. For most people they just call it 9AM! We then drove to Dresden a small German town which was basically flattened during the war. It was so stunning as they had rebuilt everything so you would never know. We had such a lovely lunch then we headed to Prague. 

Its rather convenient but also a tad sad because we don't get our passports stamped when we drive between the countries so my passport will still be very empty when I return home! Anyway we got to Prague and went up and looked at the Palace which was really pretty and got to see the sun set over Prague. 

Everyone got dressed up as tonight was the night of the great Prague pub crawl but yours truly still being on crutches couldn't go but was still fun seeing everyone get dressed up in their sunday best. 

I had such an amazing day today! I was ready to go by 9:30AM!  I was super proud that I have been waking up early (I just sleep earlier than most of the people here, potenchly could go into the running for biggest nana to ever have lived) and I went walking around the town.

Prague is stunningly beautiful. I know I say this about everywhere but it is true there is so much history and beauty in these major European cities. Walking around the cobbled streets I could not believe my eyes. Even a very pretty blazer happened to catch my eye as I wandered past Zara....

I walked around for about 2 hours (which with a broken knee cap is a serious achievement if I do say so myself) after which I went on a boat cruise which was ok. It was beautiful to see Prague from the water but if I could have I would   have liked to walk more around the town.

After the river tour we walked home and on the way home took a detour to the awesome outdoor market where a pretty scarf was acquired and another trip to Zara was made! Hard life right! 

This evening I went out for a very nice dinner on the roof of a hotel. It had glass walls so you can look down into the square. It was stunningly beautiful and it made me so happy to be alive. I am in such beautiful place with such lovely people.

It makes me so happy to see these beautiful places and to be eating such yummy food. It kinda seems surreal that this is my life because after spending so much time in hospital I honestly thought that I would never get out. 

I have dreamed many a time to come to these places but to actually be here and alive and in remission it makes it hard for me not to smile.

I really did through myself off the deep end with this Contiki people. I have made almost no new friends in the past year and I am extremely out of practice. All the Contiki people seem really nice but I just need to get over my shyness and make some friends.

So please wish me luck as I dive into the deep end!!

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