Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Ich Bin Ein Berliner

This basically means in German "I am a jam doughnut" and it was said by none other than JFK in 1963. What a bad mistake to make when reassuring the people trapped in east Berlin that the west had not forgotten them.

This is why I love Berlin though. At the moment I am sitting in a coffee shops on one of the main drags and from my perch I am able to see the whole world go by. This main street is not like others though. In the middle of the road there is checkpoint Charlie. Checkpoint Charlie was a confrontation between the east and west which almost caused world war three to break out and for all out nuclear warfare to ensue but opposite it is a Maccas and you can't help but reminded that this is a city where the old and new have become one.

I love Berlin as a city. It's amazing and incredible and I would move here without a second thought. It think it might be my favorite city in the world. I like how old and the new seem to coexist so beautifully. 

I like the history but more than that I love the feel of this city. It seems so alive. There is public art everywhere and it is a truly beautiful place.

I never want to leave but tomorrow we go to Prague. Hard life right...

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