Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Who Even Won?

Today we drive to Venice I was really worried because it had been all over the news in Munich that Venice had been flooding but it looks like the weather should be sunny and the flooding should hopefully have gone down.

Today was the most amazing drive. The Italian countryside is indescribable! Like shockingly stunningly beautiful! But I am getting ahead of myself!

On the way to Venice we stopped of Innsbruck which has one of the original Swarovski shops and had an amazing little museum and stuff. The girls we in heaven. I really do feel sorry for the boys who had their girlfriends step into that shop! 

I had a really yummy lunch then I went on one of the most scenic drives down into Venice. On the way we also stopped at this truck station and their were these birds who were doing some sort of incredible flying pattern so we all stood and stared for a while enchanted.

Until we got to the hotel. We were driving in and our tour manager was like "we're here!" as we drive past the Novetell where we pull up behind and there appeared what looked like a parking building converted into a hotel. 

JB (Our awesome tour manager) laughs at our faces! It was not good. We had no heating, the shower head was not to attached to the wall, the toilet didn't work and dubious to how clean the sheets were.

We therefore set about fixing our problems with a few bottles of wine at our quiz night! And who won? Who knows!

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