Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Roma - Part 1

Today went to Rome! On the way we stopped at this fashion outlet mall which was kind of a let down as everything was a bit odd and the stuff people had obviously been not buying. So it was a sort of the reject market but I  still had a nice pizza for lunch. I get the feeling in Italy it's either pizza or pasta. I love both so I am not really complaining.

But Rome is amazing! We went to an included dinner which was rather average apart from the tiramisu which was the best that's have ever had in my life. I cannot express my love for that tiramisu in words alone. Many hand gestures and crazy dances need to be concocted to explain how I felt about it.

After we went to a club where everyone paid €25 and got unlimited drinks for 2 hours. I had good time but it made me realize that I don't really like clubbing and it's probably not a good idea for me to do it on this trip. 

Everyone was really excited that I was coming out and they would wrap their arms around me and lean on me which added extra weight to my leg which meant that it got sore really quickly. 

Also when people starting spilling drinks and the floor starts getting slippery I worry about falling over. I really wish that I was like everyone else but I HSBC these worries which I cant get rid of and I need to learn to accept that they are a part of who I am now and I need to make the best of my situation which is that I am in Italy right now having the time of my life.

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