Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Roma - Part 2

Today was a huge day and I am totally exhausted right now . I am not sure I can even keep my eyes awake while I am tying to write this.

Today we woke up early and we were meant to get our washing done but Bec and I didn't get out washing down before the man left! Not a good start to the day! Luckily this was our only bad luck! The rest of our day was awesome!

We went with the group into Rome on the underground and we ended up near the colosseum. I cannot believe I actually was able to see this city. Tom when we were younger was really interested in the ancient Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and basically any ancient civilizations. So it was awesome to see these places that I have read and been told so much about.

We then went walking around Rome seeing sights like the Trevi fountain and the Pantheon and so many other sights it was unbelievable! We had another lunch, of you guessed it, pasta and pizza. After we headed into the Vatican city and saw the Sistine chapel and St Peters.

It was a really moving experience and it is so much more beautiful than any of photos can portray. Petris got quite emotional as it is somewhere he had wanted to go since he was two. This trip pretty much has been a dream come true for the both of us.

After the Vatican I was pooped. The walking had been hard as I had done all of the above on crutches and I could not move so we went to the closest cafe and sat and had a hot chocolate which here basically means melted chocolate in a cup. I die of happiness every time!

Then we end out for the most beautiful dinner ever where I had bruschetta and tortellini with a stunning view of a a gorgeous church.

Everyday on this trip is the best day of my life! Its insane, however sleep calls. Night!

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