Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Drunken Munchin

Yesterday I left Munich and went to Daqou. Daqou is a concentration camp outside of Munich. It was one of the most moving experiences. It reminded me to be thankful to be alive and really living. The history was fascinating but also incredibly sad.

The thing that got me most is that some of the prisoners were so mentally damaged that when the war ended in 1945 a whole group of prisoners stayed in Daqou and people lived there til 1965. They had no where else to go and no one to look for them or vice versa. The Nazis had broken these people so much that they could not even contemplate leaving jail.

I wondered if this happened for other things. When you have something traumatic happen in your life can you ever really move past it?

That evening I really needed a drink and luckily we were going to the Hofbräuhaus
 which is the oldest beer house in all of Munich. It was seriously amazing! We got these litre jugs of beer and I got this huge pork knuckle! It was actually amazing and it did a good job of lifting the somber mood. 

Sooo this morning was hard to get up but we managed to do it and went walking around Munich this morning. It has a huge amount of history, not all good, but very interesting.

I especially liked the park  in the middle of the city. The leaves in the park were all falling off in true autumn fashion and they were seriously the most beautiful color surrounding these jaw dropping lakes. The whole experience was mind boggling. We really do miss out at home not having all of the seasons.

After walking/crutching around for three hours I was in serious need of a rest so I went to a German pub and I had meat with meat sauce. This is no joke they love their meet ever so much.

I ended up going home and having a nap in the afternoon before going out for a dinner where I was literally served half a chicken! I could not eat it all. 

 Pork Knuckle
 The Park
Could you finish it?

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