Wednesday, 5 December 2012


In the last two days I have been to a Italian leather factory and shown how proper Italian leather is made, I have been wine tasting in Tuscany and I have even seen the statue of David!

Life is not getting much better than this apart from the fact that I am sick. I have finally got the contiki cough which I have been avoiding like the plague so this means I am taking things slowly and just trying to stay healthy! 

Though all in all my life is spectacular. I am in Florence and I am having the time of my life. Still trying to catch up on sleep and rest from Rome but doing it in a magical city with magical food.

Life is good. Again I am reminded at how privileged I am. At the moment, yes I am sick, but I am not vomiting continuously, I am able to understand what is happening around me, I am not going to die from having a cough. 

It always scares me when I get sick. I sit there and I worry that the cancer is coming back or I have got something as deadly but then I realize that I am just like everyone else (thankfully!) and I have a cough and to not freak out because I am alive and in Firenze.

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