Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A Big Day

Last night we got to Moulay Idriss and it is stunning. We are staying in a guest house of a lovely local family and it is way nicer than I thought it would be. They made us the most lovely dinner! They even showed us how they cooked! It was really interesting and yummy!

The next morning we woke up and walked around Moulay Idriss and saw the Mausoleum which the city is famous for and walked to the highest point and looked out across the valley.

Then we all jumped into these cabs and I am being generous when I call them cabs because they are OLD Mercedes and feel like they will fall apart or blow up at any minute.

We made it to Voulibus which is an old roman city. It was really interesting walking around. Tom would have loved it so I could not help but miss him a bit while walking around but don't ever tell him that!

We saw some really interesting things like apparently they used to put carved penis's as arrows to your nearest brothel and they used to play drinking games, much cooler than those we play now.

They also were so unbelievably smart. They would actually have running water and sewage and warm baths which every hotel in Morroco I have been in so far has not managed to have. They all have Luke warm water and it's sooo cold you have to jump back into bed after a shower.

We then went and hoped back into the Taxi's and headed off to Meknes. When we got here we had trouble getting to the hotel to drop off our bags to go exploring because there was a big protest going on about unemployment rates.

However, we made it to the hotel and then dropped off our bags and went wandering. We went to the old grainary which is really quite impressive and then walked past the kings palace but sadly we couldn't really see in. It was the cleanest area of Morocco I have seen so far though. We then went into the local Medina and had some tea and then went off on a hunt for a camel burger which was surprisingly good! We then headed back to the hotel to pick up our bags only stopping to see how the decorated their plates.

After that we jumped onto the train and went to Fes. We were so tired by this point we all basically collapsed after going out for a lovely dinner having ye another tangine. They are delicious though so no complaining here!

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