Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Zurich - Part 2

Back to Zurich, hard life right? But mother is coming to meet her. When I started to make my plans for this trip I really wanted to go to places like India and to the Amazon and Africa and my Dad looked at me as if I was mad. He said to me "you realize you won't have even been out of hospital for six months when you start this trip. Are you insane?" Not his exact words but general gist.

However, we came to a compromise. Mama has always wanted to go to Morocco so she is coming with me!! So she flew to Zurich to meet me. Jannie and I met her at the airport and she honestly looked like she had been in the car for an hour not a fourty hour plane ride.

Since she was here we have been snowed in for a day and it has been very cold so we have been taking it very slowly as Mum needs to get over her jet lag but we did manage to squeeze in some Swiss choccy, sweets and all things naughty and shameful. A wee excursion to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 was even on the books. 

It's been wonderful to relax at a home and catch up on some reading, tea drinking me time. Tomorrow however we are off to Morocco so I thought I probably should update the blog as it is a new beginning. 

So Africa, watch out, here I come.

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