Saturday, 8 December 2012


Today we headed to Rabat early in the morning and I mean EARLY! We had to leave the hotel and 8AM which is basically a criminal offense! Anyway, I decided not to press charges as we were heading to Rabat the capital of Morocco.

I liked Rabat much more than Casablanca as it was very clean (in comparison) and it was sunny which is good because it is warmer and not raining so you don't get wet. However hot and appropriate Muslim attire sometimes are not the best combination. I cannot understand how people could travel in summer here!

We went to the Kasbah which is the oldest part of the city and basically a walled city inside a city! It was stunning and such a picturesque place and the doors were so tiny, obviously not made for people like dad or Tom! We also went to Mausoleum of Mohammed the V which is where the last king has been laid to rest!

The whole city was so pretty and so different from any of the European cities I have been seeing. Love the mixture of cultures that have come to create this country! It makes it such a fascinating place.

This evening I am heading to a small pilgrimage town called Moulay Idriss. We are staying with a host family in their guest house. This is very different from all of the tours that I have done because we don't have a bus or minivan and we are catching public transport everywhere.

When mum and I booked this we didn't quite know what we were getting ourselves into and got a bit of a shock when we got the breakdown of the itinerary and then another one when we got here.

It's fine though. We have only almost been stuck on a train and had to jump off while people held the doors from closing and been very lost with a photocopy map that nobody could understand but this is an adventure and what is an adventure without a few close calls.

We haven't died, yet. So off to Moulay Idriss we go!

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