Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Parlez-Vous Francais?

I am in love with the city of Paris! It was the perfect end to an amazing tour! When we arrived in Paris we went on a driving tour and got our bearings and I got to see the Eiffel tower with its Christmas lights on! I am unsure whether I think that it is more beautiful at night or during the day. Such first world problems.

It is truly breathtaking! Like I felt like my life could not get more perfect aside from the aching leg and having had cancer and all that jazz. I honestly felt so happy with my life. I was in Paris with Petris and other new friends. 

I even went to the MOULIN ROUGE!!!! My friends Claudia and Vanessa are probably the only people who can comprehend how excited I was about this. Claudia because she is as obsessed about it as I am. Vanessa because she has caught Claudia and I running around my house singing to the songs of the Moulin Rouge movie at the top of my lungs. It really was as tacky as you thought it would be. It was Tacky with a capital T but it made me so happy! 

The next morning I went to a perfumery which showed us how perfumes were made and  the history of them. We then went back to the Eiffel tower and went up. Unfortunately from the top you could see nothing as there was too many clouds! 

I ended up having five days in Paris in which time I had some beautiful food and saw stunning places. I tried to go for my first haircut but they said my hair is still too short so I think I will just wait to go home to get it done.

It's weird thinking of my life as I now define most of it as pre-cancer and post-cancer. When I first got diagnosed I didn't think it would change me that much and essentially I am still the same person but I just feel a lot older. A middle aged woman stuck in a teenagers body. Many women's dream. 

I often wish that I was how I was before in looks and how I related so much better to those around me but I guess we can't change who we are and if I think about my life I have amazing family and friends and I'm in PARIS!

I stayed in a hotel next to the Bastille monument. I felt like walking around singing Le Mis. It is such a nice area of Paris and I don't get where people get this idea that the French are rude.

I had the most nice experience with the French and I can understand them being snarky with tourists. Of a group of fifty people only one other girl and I could speak marginal French. Imagine if all Japanese or Chinese tourists showed up New Zealand and didn't bother to make an effort to try to speak English. We would get annoyed. Why should we expect the French to be any different. 

I had the loveliest experience with the local Parisians and just in Paris in general. Such good food!!! Did I mention that? YUM!

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