Monday, 17 December 2012

Marrakech Part 1

Today we arrived in Marrakech and we're still quite tired from the overnight train but we went into the main square which was actually rather intimidating. People were hassling you and basically chasing you with snakes and monkeys that were wearing diapers which sounds a lot more comical than it was.

You couldn't even take photos because they wanted money for the photos and you had to bargain for the price and the people you had to bargain with were scary and intimidating and I feel like I know about both those things having a judge as a mother. When she doesn't get her way...

So we ended up spending very little time in the main square and heading for the nearest cafe seeking refuge. Mum has been humming and haring about going on the second half of the trip as she isn't really loving morocco and the south looks even more basic and we can't bail so we sat in the cafe using wifi and looked at places we could go.

This evening we went to try find mums friend Rosie who was in Marrakesh for a conference however we ended up just missing her so we ended up back with the group because one of the girls was leaving the tour.

At this meeting they went over what was in the next part of the tour and when our tour leader said that "I cannot assure the safety of the food" I think Mum was shocked as what we have been eating (and already been sick from) was considered safe. Poor Mum. I think she plans on talking to Dad but as our hotel has no wifi and there is no cell signal for her in this whole country... Good luck.

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