Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Life Is Hard On Lake Como

So I left the hotel in Milan with sadness as it is the most beautiful place I have ever stayed and it was hard to leave such beauty behind not knowing what the future holds but as all of us must I left and had good faith. We drove an hour to the beautiful Italian Lake Como!

We had a good time driving in Italy even if it was a little adventurous like driving into a tunnel at which the road suddenly finished and having to back up a good two hundred meters on a tiny Italian street. We made it to Lake Como which can't help but take your breath away and when I saw where Jannie had booked for us to stay...

We stayed at the beautiful Casta Diva which were old lakeside Italian villas which have been restored to their former glory. That afternoon we went on a lake cruise in an old Italian boat around this truly picture perfect lake. It is so picture perfect it has been the set for movies such as 'Quantum Of Solace' and 'Star Wars.' Celebs like George Clooney even have houses there and not for the first time I was amazed that this is my life. It was as perfect as it sounds.

After this we went to the spa and had such a lovely time! Jannie and I then dressed up and went to have   light dinner in the bar area and there was a celebrity chef who had been cooking with this group and they were having hors d'oeuvres served and free wine and because we couldn't have dinner while this event was going on we were invited to join them.

Life is hard on Lake Como.

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