Sunday, 23 December 2012

So What If The World Ends!

Barcelona, how I survived without you in my world will forever be a mystery! It is so amazing! The food and just this entire city! If the world ends, I would be happy knowing I spent time here!

Poor Mama has been very sick so I think it was definitely the right choice to leave Morocco. When we arrived at our hotel we got a free upgrade so we are in this huge suite and Daddy, ever so kindly, has situated us on two of the biggest shopping streets in Barcelona.

We have been here for a few days now and have managed to see some of Antoni Gaudi's most famous works like La Sagrada Familia! We also have eaten some tremendous food and have plans to eat more.

Tomorrow should the world end you will find me in Barcelona's top restaurant! I am having such a hard life! It's actually been so amazing being here though.

Like today we went wandering one of the biggest shopping streets. When we decided to stop for Lunch and this lovely old couple were just sitting down to eat. We were unsure if we wanted to eat there but they said in perfect English that it was very good and we were more than welcome to eat with them if we wanted and they could help us understand the menu and give us some tips on what to order.

We found out over lunch that they were a lovely old German couple who were on holiday as they had a house in Barcelona and we ended up sitting and talking with them for just over 2 hours having one of the yummiest meals of traditional Catalan food!

If the world ends tomorrow I am so glad that I managed to do this trip with many people I love and being able to eat such amazing food. Luckily, I don't believe that it will end tomorrow and I look forward to the rest of what is to come.

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