Monday, 17 December 2012

The Beginnings Of The Female Jamie Oliver

This morning we woke up and we went to a cooking class to learn how to make Tangines. It was really fun and my one actually tasted pretty good but I am not sure how easy they will be to replicate them at home. This basically is going to be my line if anyone actually trusts me to make them one.

It was interesting walking with the lady while she brought her ingredients. It was interesting seeing where everything came from. It was a little disturbing when we went to buy the chicken and they weighed them alive and then killed them right in front of us!

I am surprised after writing this that I still managed to eat my Tangine with gusto. This afternoon we are going to meet up with Rosie. I think Mum wants to talk to Dad about leaving but we have to decide one way or another by tonight.

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