Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Piza or Pizza?

The drive to Lucerne was a long one but on the way we got to stop at the leaning tower of Piza!!!! It is one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen. I have seen many photos of it but I didn't quite realize how crazy it is. It really does look like someone has stopped it mid fall and told it to freeze! 

We weren't supposed to stop in Piza for that long. The plan was supposed to see the tower, take some snaps and then grab some grub and jump back on the bus. We didn't plan on stopping long because during world war two the whole place was flattened so it is basically now just for tourists. However, two of the boys ended up getting lost so we searched for them for an hour and a half before we found them.

We ended up getting to Lucerne and everyone was sick and tired so we all had an early one. Bec and I literally fell into bed after dinner and were asleep before our heads even touched the pillow.

This morning we have gone up Mount Pilas in the Swiss Alps. It is so stunningly beautiful it takes your breath away. My leg is really sore today so I didn't climb to the tippy top but I had a wonderful Swiss hot chocolate in the Swiss alps.

I am writing this with one of the most magical views I have ever seen. Sometimes i can't quite believe that this is my life because what nineteen year old gets cancer and then is like "hey, lets go to Switzerland!"

After we got down we went to a local restaurant and had some cheese fondue for lunch. It was really different tasting but also strangely nice, it was different to anything that I have tried before but I liked it.

After we finished lunch I went to conquer some Swiss chocolate which I assure you has been hyped up for a reason. I was in bliss aside from the fact that I was still feeling rather grotty. Yay for sickness! It's about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Cool Cat's At Piza

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  1. I saw a box of chocolate teacups the other day - pretty odd :) hope you feel better soon dear x loving the blogging overload