Monday, 17 December 2012

Quick Change

WE ARE GOING TO BARCELONA! Mama and I have been booking extrodinares today and we are going to Barcelona tomorrow. Mama is quite sick now and I am not that great either so I think it probably is the right decision.

Neither of us are in love with this country, we like it but we don't love it so going to Barcelona for a week should be good. If I was by myself I would do the south but I think Mum has had enough. I think it's hard because we have been here for almost two weeks and although we loved Chefchaouen and Moulay Idriss the cities like Casablanca and Tangier we didn't like.

I am really excited for Barcelona. It should be amazing and I have mother her so maybe some shopping may be done. Christmas sales and all that. Mother says we are going to see the architecture and art but I am sure she can be swayed a little.

Yesterday, after mother and I booked the flights and kept dad up all night (sorry!) I went to the the Jardin Marjorelle with Rosie where the Yves Saint Laurent Memorial was as it was his garden which he donated to the Moroccan people. This had to be followed by a drink at the swankiest hotel called Mamounia.

So hopefully will be leaving Morocco on this high because I have had such a lovely evening. I shall leave you with a picture of the Yves Saint Laurent Memorial Garden.

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