Friday, 7 December 2012

Just The Beginning

I made it, just. I was a little for a while that we wouldn't. The plane was late leaving Zurich because it was snowing then we get to Lisbon and we get on the smallest plane I have ever been on!

The plane only fit 20 people. You had nobody sitting next to you. It was one seat and then the isle then another person. The isle was raised in the centre to accommodate the engine. You could even see out the front of the plane because the pilots weren't even separated from the rest of the plane!

We made it though and arrive into the hotel! We arrived quite late so we were really hungry so we went out and had a lovely dinner. Everyone smokes inside here though shisha and cigarettes so I am going to stink this trip.

Casablanca is an odd city, it's not what I expected but I don't really think that I had any idea what to expect but it just wasn't this but that is not to say that it is a bad thing.

The city is very alive and not really made from tourists. It is an odd mixture between and Islamic country and an African nation. They are really lax about islamic practices here though. I think this might change as we go to smaller towns.

Today mum and I went on a tour around Casablanca and I was surprised at what I saw. It is not a beautiful place in the traditional sense of the word but the people are friendly and the place is incredibly interesting mix of cultures and heritage.

This evening we met our tour group and I am the youngest by about ten years and surprisingly mum is not the oldest! The tour is a lot more basic than what we thought it was going to be. It should be interesting!

This is truly the beginning of an unforgettable adventure.

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